The book of 1 Samuel recounts the ministry of the prophet Samuel, who “restored law and order and regular religious worship in the land” (Bible Dictionary, “Samuel”) after the Israelites had forgotten the Lord and worshipped idols many times throughout the reign of the judges. It is not known or certain on who the author of the book of 1 Samuel is. Though named after its main character, the prophet Samuel, the book does not claim an author. However, Samuel may have written, and he certainly supplied, the information for 1 Samuel 1:1–24:22, which is a biography of his life and career up to his death.

Samuel records events that took place sometime between 1100 B.C. and 970 B.C. The final form of the book did not take shape until after Solomon’s reign 940 BC and could have undergone revision as late as the exile (586 B.C.).


  1. Historical Setting for the Beginning of Kingship in Israel (chs. 1-7)
  2. The Beginning of Kingship in Israel under the Guidance of Samuel (8:1;16:13)
  • The Rise of Saul (chs. 8:12)
  • Saul's Kingship a Failure (13:1;16:13)
  1. The Establishment of Kingship in Israel (16:14;31:13)
  • The Rise of David (16:14;27:12
  • The End of Saul's Reign (chs. 28-31)
  1. The Consolidation of Kingship in Israel (2Sa 1-20)
  • David's Lament over Saul and Jonathan (ch. 1)
  • David Becomes King over Judah (chs. 2-4)
  • David Becomes King over All Israel (5:1-5)
  • David Conquers Jerusalem (5:6-25)
  • David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem (ch. 6)
  • God Promises David an Everlasting Dynasty (ch. 7)
  • The Extension of David's Kingdom (ch. 8)
  • David's Faithfulness to His Covenant with Jonathan (ch. 9)
  • David Commits Adultery and Murder (chs. 10-12)
  • David Loses His Son Amnon (chs. 13-14)
  • David Loses His Son Absalom (chs. 15-20)
  1. Final Reflections on David's Reign (2 Sa 21-24)


The book of Samuel tells the story of Israel’s transition from Judges’ rule to kingship. Samuel, the great prophet, plays a key role as God’s messenger and leader. Samuel anoints Saul as the first king of Israel but his life is characterized by fear and failure. The need for a king "after God’s own heart" becomes apparent and is eventually satisfied by David.

The book provides the most comprehensive account of David’s life, both his victories and struggles, politically as well as personally. David’s trust and reliance upon God define his rise to the throne. However his sin complicates his reign as difficulties are experienced in his relationships that threaten to undo him. The book calls for a complete trust in David as well as his royal line, a call that comes directly from God as he promised to deliver His people through such a figure. But it also warns of the conflict, pain, and loss that follows sin and disobedience.

The book of Samuel takes God’s story into the monarchy, especially by means of the story of King David, a man of faith even while a man of weakness. God’s covenant with David is fulfilled finally in the ultimate Son of David, Jesus of Nazareth.


  • Kingship - God’s People are to be led by a king.
  • Loyalty - Trusting the Davidic line.
  • Retribution - Blessings and curses for acts of obedience and disobedience.
  • God’s Presence - God dwelling among his people – the Ark of the Covenant, Jerusalem, with his people.


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Every student of the Word of God is required to do a detailed study of the Bible and the first book of Samuel is not an exception. What about I ask you these questions.

  1. What do you think it means that “the word of the Lord was precious in those days”?
  2. What might this tell us about the spiritual condition of the people at this time?
  3. Why do you think Samuel did not recognize the voice?
  4. Why do you think the Lord spoke to Samuel and not to Eli?
  5. How have you learned to recognize when the Lord is speaking to you through the Spirit?

The first book of Samuel contains beyond the written pages The Voice of God to everyone who is will to be thought how to listen. Hannah learnt to listen to the spirit of God and brought fore glory in the Person of Samuel. You too can faith it till you make it.