The books of 1 and 2 Chronicles forms one book in the old Hebrew canon and is probably written during the Babylonian captivity. Chronicles is a summary of Hebrew history that duplicates much of Samuel and Kings, focusing more on God’s guidance of the kings descended from David. The Second book of chronicles is thought to be a continuation of 1 chronicles in the sense that, it carries on from the first book. 2 Chronicles relate events during King Solomon’s reign with a detailed description of the building and dedication of the temple. The remainder of the book continues the history of Judah (the southern kingdom), the reign of King Rehoboam, the revival under King Hezekiah, the destruction of the capital city, Jerusalem, and the nation’s captivity under Nebuchadnezzar.


  • The Reign of Solomon, 1:1-9:31
  • Solomon’s Inauguration, 1:1-17
  • Solomon’s Temple, 2:1-7:22
  • Solomon’s Fame, 8:1-9:28
  • Solomon’s Death, 9:29-31
  • The Kings of Judah:
  • Rehoboam Chapters 10 — 12
  • Abijah Chapter 13
  • Asa Chapters 14 — 16
  • Jehoshaphat Chapters 17 — 20
  • Jehoram Chapter 21
  • Ahaziah Chapter 22:1-10
  • Athaliah Chapters 22:11 — 23:21
  • Joash Chapter 24
  • Amaziah Chapter 25
  • Uzziah Chapter 26
  • Jotham Chapter 27
  • Ahaz Chapter 28
  • Hezekiah Chapters 29 — 32
  • Manasseh Chapter 33:1-20
  • Amon Chapter 33:21-25
  • Josiah Chapters 34, 35
  • Jehoahaz Chapter 36:1-3
  • Jehoiakim Chapter 36:4-8
  • Jehoiachin Chapter 36:9,10
  • Zedekiah Chapter 36:11-21
  • The Decree of Cyrus, 36:22-23


Second Chronicles obviously carries on the account begun in 1 Chronicles with the same point of reference and emphasis. It covers chronologically the same period as Kings with certain notable emphases This book continues with the history of the Hebrews with Solomon and his being given great wisdom from God. The temple construction on the top of Mount Moriah in Jerusalem was described, with the size being 90 ft. long, 30 ft. wide, and 180 ft. high, with much gold throughout. The "Holy of Holies" was 30 ft. square, overlaid with gold. The Ark was transferred to this place. The Queen of Sheba's visit and great impression with Solomon was described (2 Chronicles 9).

The story of King Jehoshaphat of Judah (Southern Kingdom) and his alliance with King Ahab of Israel (Northern Kingdom) and their consulting Micaiah the prophet is described in detail (2 Chronicles 18; see also 1 Kings 22). King Jehoram of Judah, a "wicked" king, died of what appeared-to-be bowel cancer (2 Chronicles 21:18-19). King Uzziah of Judah got leprosy by entering the forbidden sanctuary. King Hezekiah of Judah restored the Temple of the Lord God and had burnt offerings and sin offerings for the nation: young bulls, rams, lambs, and goats were sacrificed for the sin offering (2 Chronicles 29:20-24). Much celebration occurred with this rededication of the Temple at Jerusalem. The finding of the scroll of the laws of God by Hilkiah and King Josiah's destroying the idols and altars to "gods" such as Baal was described (2 Chronicles 34). The end of the independence of the Southern Kingdom of Judah occurred when King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon took over and destroyed Jerusalem -- around 586 B.C

Significant passages include Solomon’s prayer for wisdom (1:7-12), the dedication of Solomon’s Temple (chaps. 5-7), the visit of the Queen of Sheba (9:1-12), and the prediction of the length of captivity (36:20-21). Favorite verses are 7:14 and 16:9.


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It is not a secret that most of the time, we make tempts to skip over Chronicles in our Bible reading with the mindset that, it is just a continuation of 1 and 2 kings. The book is much more than just a repetition of history. It is not just the same old material; it has a new tone, a new message, new truth about God to communicate. And if you skip this part of the Bible, you will miss out on that.

2 Chronicles is full of lessons and also teaches a high dimension of wisdom. In this book is also hidden the message of Salvation. Focusing on his concerns for the people of God, for the king and for the Temple, as well as on divine blessing and judgment, the Chronicler wrote his history to bolster Israel's hope in the coming of the Messiah. His immediate focus was the restoration of the postexilic community, but the New Testament revealed that the Chronicler's ideal of the restored Kingdom found fulfillment in Christ. In view of this, the Teachings from this book is corrects and guide our lives. From 2 chronicles, we can learn the following lessons.

  • To Put God first in all activities of life and to give him the worship due Him.
  • To always seek the council of God not mortal men like ourselves
  • To always back our words by actions as king Asa did. It is one thing to say we want to live our lives in a way that pleases God. It is quite another to get rid of the idols in our lives and begin restoring the things of God to their rightful place in our lives. Fresh commitments are fine, but we need to prove our words with our changed lives.
  • To learn where to put our trust.