The Book of Amos is the one of the Twelve books of the Minor Prophets in the Tanakh /Old Testament. Amos, an older contemporary of Hosea and Isaiah, was active 750 BC during the reign of Jeroboam II, making Amos the first prophetic book of the Bible to be written. Amos ministered to Northern Israel even before Hosea, during the prosperous early years of the divided kingdom, around 800-750 BC. The book is made up of nine chapters with detailed prophesies.

BIBLICAL OUTLINE OF THE BOOK OF AMOS provides an outline for reading the Book of Amos. This outline prevents you from skipping vital and prominent information in the book. 


I. Introduction 1:1, 2

II. Oracles against the nations 1:3—2:16

Against Damascus (Aram) 1:3–5
Against Gaza (Philistia) 1:6–8
Against Tyre (Phoenicia) 1:9, 10
Against Edom 1:11, 12
Against Ammon 1:13–15
Against Moab 2:1–3
Against Judah 2:4, 5
Against Israel 2:6–16
 III. Israel’s imminent judgment 3:1–15

 IV. Israel’s willful stubbornness 4:1—5:27

Israel’s privileged women 4:1–3
A sarcastic invitation to sin 4:4, 5
Five calamities from God 4:6–11
God’s sovereignty over all 4:12, 13
A lamentation over Israel 5:1–3
An invitation to seek the sovereign God 5:4–9
An urgent plea to repent 5:10–15
The coming universal mourning 5:16, 17
The coming day of the Lord 5:18–20
Israel’s insincere and unfaithful worship 5:21–27
V. Woe to the frivolous and the unjust 6:1–14

VI. Three visions of Israel’s coming disaster 7:1–9

VII. Amos’s confrontation with Amaziah, priest of Bethel 7:10–17

VIII. Amos’s vision of Israel’s end 8:1–14

IX. A vision of the sovereign God at the altar 9:1–10

X. A promise of future restoration 9:11–15


Amos was a farmer from the country south of Jerusalem during the reign of King Uzziah, about 755 B.C. He raised sheep and grew figs until he was called by God as a prophet. Although he was from Judah, his message was for the kingdom of Israel under Jeroboam II. The nation was enjoying prosperity and was, for the moment, at peace. Even with this, Amos warns Israel that the material prosperity which they are enjoying does not necessarily mean that God is well-pleased with them, and attempts to keep them from falling away from their calling as God's people. He tries to remind them that being the chosen people of God does not place them above the law, but more squarely under it! But they do not listen, and the book ends with a dialogue between God and Amos about the discipline God will invoke to get their attention.


Social Justice: True religion and social justice must go hand in hand. One of Israel's greatest sins during this prosperous time was that of discriminating against the less-fortunate. A wealthy upper class had formed, and they displayed no heart for the poor, but rather looked down upon them as inferior. This was in direct opposition to God's intentions for blessing them. 
Judgment and Salvation: As with all the prophets, we see in Amos a dual theme which stresses the danger of rebelling against God and bringing forth His discipline, and at the same time reassures God's people that the discipline is not condemnation, but that God ultimately desires repentance and restoration. God is the Lord over all the nations of the earth.


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How well do you understand the Judgment of God Almighty? When and how will this great day of the Lord come? How do I interpret this times and seasons?

Though most of Amos’s prophecy is about God’s authority to judge an apathetic and ungrateful nation, he ends his book with the promise that God will restore His people and “raise up the tabernacle of David”. This obviously refers to more than just the kingdom of David and the temple his son Solomon built. It speaks of the fulfillment of the Davidic dynasty, which finds its focus in the Son of David—Jesus.