The Book of Deuteronomy is the fifth book of the Jewish Torah. The word “Deuteronomy” means “ a repetition of the Law”. In respect to this, a Lot of scholars call the Book of Deuteronomy the Second law in the sense that, the law was reinforced. Deuteronomy was written around 1406 BC, at the end of the forty years of wandering endured by the nation of Israel. At the time, the people were camped on the east side of the Jordan River, on the plains of Moab, across from the city of Jericho (Deuteronomy 1:1; 29:1). They were on the verge of entering the land that had been promised centuries earlier to their forefathers (Genesis 12:1, 6–9). The children who had left Egypt were now adults, ready to conquer and settle the Promised Land. Before that could happen, the Lord reiterated through Moses His covenant with them.

The book was written to guide the nation in covenant renewal under Joshua and also to offer God’s people a programmatic document that lovingly outlines the contours of God’s relationship with his people.


Even though the book of Deuteronomy has a lot of chapters, they could be put in the following outline for easy Bible Study. Below is the Biblical outline of the book of Deuteronomy.


  • Introduction: the covenant mediator (1:1-1:5)
  • God’s Generosity: the covenant history (1:6-4:49)
  • God’s Expectations: the covenant life (5-26)
  • The 10 commandments (5)
  • Rewards and Punishments: the covenant ratification (27-30) V. Succession of Leadership: Dynasty and covenant continuity (31-34)

Book Summary

The book of Deuteronomy is a powerful document that outlines God’s great love for his people and the direction by which one can fully enjoy that love. Written in similar fashion to ancient Near Eastern treaties, the book speaks tenderly yet firmly to an audience asking the question "How do I develop and maintain a meaningful relationship with God?" Deuteronomy draws the reader to reflect upon God’s gracious acts in history and compels the reader to gratitude. The author’s main purpose in this book is to draw out the central message of the Sinai narratives.

This gratitude enables the individual to face life with the power of God. It contains instructions to leaders (prophets, priests and kings). It explains the "heart" behind the law and our obligation to defend the poor, the misfortunate, and the disenfranchised. It reveals God’s great desire to bless his people and his willingness to discipline his people for their ultimate benefit. The book concludes with the meaning and procedure of the succession of leadership, namely from Moses to Joshua.

Deuteronomy concludes the Pentateuch with constant reminders of God’s covenant love and faithfulness despite his people’s constant sinful rebellion.


  • Love
  • Loyalty
  • Covenant
  • Law
  • Learning
  • Leadership
  • Justice


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My father once said something to me. He said, “Joshua my son, Faithfulness, Honesty, Truth and Love will keep you standing when all other things are falling. Who you are today and Who you will be tomorrow will depend on how faithful you are in all the good that you will do.” I will never forget these words because they have change the cause of my life.

The book of Deuteronomy is a book that teaches a lot. The themes of Deuteronomy may surprise you. The great theme is Love and loyalty. You may not have realized that the love of God was mentioned that far back in the Bible, but the word love occurs twenty–two times. The Lord Jesus was not attempting to give something that was brand new when He said, “If you love me, keep my commandments.” Deuteronomy teaches that obedience is man’s response to God’s love. This is not the gospel, but the great principle of the Gospel is here. A detailed Study of the Book of Deuteronomy will give you indepth knowledge of themes above.