Ecclesiastes is the fourth Wisdom book of the five “wisdom books” of the Bible in the Old Testament namely, Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the songs of Solomon. Among these books, Ecclesiastes is known for a specific message it carries which is the message of VANITY UPON VANITY. The early-daters place the book around 930 B.C. because they believe it to be written by Solomon. Solomon had, by the world’s standards, an amazing life. God made him the wisest man alive. He had wealth, power and fame. And then we come to Ecclesiastes. Solomon probably wrote this book as an old man looking back at his life — and he doesn’t seem to be very happy. Vanity of vanities! All is vanity (1:2b). However, its language and topics make it more likely that it was written somewhere in the 400s or 300s B.C. 


To fully comprehend the content of this Book, you must read it in order. Below is a structured outline to reading and studying the book of Ecclesiastes.


The struggle to accumulate things for the achievement of happiness is meaningless. (1:1-11) 
Authors autobiographical monologue: life is to be enjoyed as a gift from God (1:12- 12:7)….themes are wisdom, pleasure, folly, enjoyment, time, justice, human effort, religious words, wealth, life-span, death, piety, women, kings, and memory. 
Solomon’s Quest for Meaning in Life (1:12-2:26) 
Further Quest for Meaning in Life (3:1-6:12) 
Advice on Meaning in Life (7:1-11:10) 
Advice on Death and Dying (12:1-12:7) 
Conclusion: Reverently trust and obey God (12:8-12:14) 


The outlook of "The Teacher" is critical and even somewhat cynical at times. His perspective and his advice do not seem to square with the more optimistic book of Ecclesiastes, and his utterly pragmatic approach to life can seem to some readers as almost faithless. However, Ecclesiastes simply takes a very honest look at the way the world operates, observing that God's promises and God's wisdom do not always come to pass in the ways we expect. Just like the Teacher, we know that the wicked often prosper, the righteous often suffer, the wise man and the fool alike die. 

We also agree that nothing -- whether it be riches or power or fame or success or entertainment - nothing which the world offers can ultimately satisfy us. In light of all this evidence, it is a testimony to the Teacher's faith that he never once questions God's goodness, power, or wisdom. Rather, he wants to know what difference our decisions could possibly make in the seemingly chaotic universe. He attempts to answer the ultimate question -- what is the meaning of life -- and concludes that only a life with God has any value or purpose. For the Israelites living in a tempting, thriving, strange Persian culture, this book is a startling reminder that there is only one pursuit that is worthwhile. 


Many are truly the questions of life we ask each day but most at times, we do not find any answers to these very questions. Like King Solomon, we seek to know the hidden things of life. King Solomon been a man of Power, wisdom and influence in His days at his old age tried to understand the meaning of life. At the end, King Solomon saw life on earth to be Vanity upon vanities. Join us right here in this website as we read through King Solomon’s experience of life including the questions, actions and the higher forces behind Existence on earth. (, one of the best websites for studying the Word of God has taken a divine responsibility to make the Bible readily available for everyone to read online. presents the Bible in King James Version to the world for easy reading everywhere, at any time for free online. 

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Did you know that everything in the world, in and of itself, is worthless and empty and that, death is in evitable? Did you know that the most power and influential person on earth cannot not be saved by them in the day his life will be cut short? King Solomon became the wisest man that has ever lived until Christ came as man and took over that title as the wisest man to ever life on earth. King Solomon saw that, even his wisdom could not stop him from aging, his wisdom could not make him young again and that life was gradually falling out of him. Look back to his youthful ages, He really sort to understand life and its meaning and the greater forces behind life. He finally understood that, there is nothing, absolutely nothing new under the sun and live on earth is vanity upon vanity. The purpose of this book is to teach that, the life lived by purely earthly and human standards is futile, but the God centered life is the cure. Life not centered on God is meaningless and purposeless. Without God, nothing else can satisfy (Eccl 2:25). With God, all of life and God’s gifts are to be gratefully received and enjoyed to the fullest (Eccl 2:26 and 11:8). Ecclesiastes takes a solemn look at the unpredictability of the world and the frustration that it can cause in our lives. The author concludes that a life devoted to God is the only meaningful and enjoyable existence humanity can have. 

You may be going through a lot of hardship and troubles. Beloved like Solomon, there is absolutely nothing new under the sun. What you are going through now is not new because someone has being there before. Ecclesiastes does not only talk about the meaninglessness of life, it provides rooted wisdom for living today so that you can have eternal glory. We encourage you to read and study the book of Ecclesiastes each time for a better understanding. Always remember that, life should be lived to the Glory of the Creator so that, His perfect “Will” will be done in your life.