Book of Genesis (First book of Moses)

The Book of Genesis is the first book of the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament. It is an account of the creation of the Universe and also the origins of the Jewish people. There are a lot of thoughts on who wrote the book of Genesis However, Scholars of old and the early translators of the Bible are of the view that Moses is the author of the book of Genesis. The book of Genesis has long being viewed as a complicated book full of questions hard to be answered. In an attempt to understanding this book, it must be divided as it is profound in Bible studies. The division of the book of Genesis is as follows;

The primeval era; covering from the time of the creation of the world to Abraham. The primeval time or age is also divided into three main parts including (1) the creation and the Fall: Genesis 1.1–6.4; (2) the Flood: Genesis 6.5–9.17; (3) the Flood to Abraham: Genesis 9.18–11.32.

The patriarchal or ancestral era which is centered on Abraham, Isaac and Jacob range from Genesis 11- 50. In it is embedded the call of Abraham and any other story that followed till the Exodus of the Israelites.

The date of which the mysterious book of Genesis was written is of great controversy in our present time. The book of Genesis is indeed a great Mystery that needs to be understood. Many have made attempts to explain in depth the Mysteries in this book but as the get to the conclusions of their understanding of this book, then a different Revelation is seen again and again and again. The book of Genesis is translated into different versions from the original manuscript. Reading the book of Genesis has also being a blessing to many as their knowledge of the Word is advanced. present to you the Bible in King James version (KJV) for the book of Genesis in various formats for advancing our walk of faith which includes;

  • Book of genesis audiobook for audio display of the Bible
  • Book of Genesis king James version in English translation
  • Illustrated ( Comics )book of Genesis
  • Book of Genesis with images.


Billions around the world have studied the Bible and many more are yet to start. If you have not read the book of Genesis or got discouraged somewhere in the middle, this Online Bible reading and Study website ( is a great source for Bible studies and also reading the book of Genesis online. Do you have a problem with reading or you are having eyes problem and do not want to read for long? With book of genesis audiobook at, you can read the book of Genesis online listening to the Audio Bible. You can also Read the book of Genesis online with the Help of the book of genesis with images and Genesis Comics at


The questions who created God, what is the origin of Sin, Who did Cain married, Was the Gather of Eden on earth, What actually is the Mystery of the Gather of Eden, When was the first time the concept Salvation was seen in the Bible? Are questions that are still unanswered in our present time. Many have made attempts but to no avail. The beginning of a thing is core to it’s existence. Without understanding of the book of Genesis, it is impossible to understand the rest of the Bible. Many maybe asking this same question. Well, there are a lot of reasons the Book of Genesis should be studied. Below are some reasons one should study the book of Genesis. A study of Genesis helps one to;

  • Understand the World's Origins
  • Develop a Higher View of God
  • Gain a Deeper Faith in God's Promises
  • Build a Framework for Reading the Rest of the Bible
  • Identifying the Salvation plan of God in Genesis.

It is never too late to begin a Godly course. Sometime at the moment you maybe thinking it is too late, is always the right time to start. Begin to study the Bible and have every single question about creation answered.