This book, as is true of all the prophetical books, derives its name from the prophet whose messages it records. The unity of Isaiah, a problem related to authorship and contents, has been the subject of much debate. While it is widely accepted that the book of Isaiah is rooted in a historic prophet called Isaiah, who lived in the Kingdom of Judah during the 8th century BCE, it is also widely accepted that this prophet did not write the entire book of Isaiah. There is probably a period of a few decades between the writing of the first 39 chapters and the latter 27 and each section carries its own message. The book of Isaiah can be divided into two based on the message which it carries. Below is the two main division of Isaiah based on message:

Warnings of judgment and promises of subsequent restoration for Jerusalem, Judah and the nations (1–33)
Judgment has already taken place and restoration is at hand (34–66) 


Isaiah the prophet’s ministry was from about 740 to 687 B.C and his voice is still very effective in our present world. This is one of the books in the bible with a lot of chapters and verses making it too difficult to ready and study. Below is an outline to help you study the Book of Isaiah.


Overview of Isaiah’s ministry (1-6) 
God has (with Assyria) and will (with Babylon) punish Judah, but there is hope for restoration 
Judah should expect judgment and eventual restoration as Isaiah predicted for Judah. 


Isaiah’s response to Assyrian Crisis (7-39) 
Isaiah is saying “My prophecies about an Assyrian invasion came true. My threat of a Babylonian exile will also come true.” 
Judah should learn that Isaiah’s prophecies concerning Assyrian have come true and that the Babylonian threat is real. 


Isaiah’s response to Babylonian crisis (40-66) 
Babylon will destroy Judah, but God’s people will be restored. There will be a release from captivity. 
Judah should take heart that the Babylonian crisis will end with restoration 


This book of prophecy was written by one of the greatest Hebrew prophets. Isaiah was called by God to prophesy to Judah during the reign of kings Uzziah, Jothan, Ahaz and Hezekiah. He urged the people to turn back to God and stop worshiping idols, and he warned them what would happen if they didn’t. But even while he was saying this, he knew the people wouldn’t respond. Then I said,“How long, O Lord?” And He said: “Until cities lie waste without inhabitant, and houses without people, and the land is a desolate waste, and the LORD removes people far away, and the forsaken places are many in the midst of the land” (6:11-12). Isaiah’s prophecies foretold the fate of Judah and the nations who stood against God’s people. In many cases, these prophecies have a dual fulfillment — referring to the Babylonian and Assyrian captivities, and to the future judgment of the world upon Christ’s second coming at the end of the tribulation.

After proclaiming the holiness and justice of God and His judgments on those who don’t obey Him in the first 39 chapters, Isaiah turns to a message of hope. He prophesies a day when the Messiah would come and suffer and then come again to reign over the nation in glory. The book ends with a picture of the final redemption of Israel and the nations in a new heaven and new earth, where God and his people meet in glory.


God’s holiness opposes all human hypocrisy and pride (1:10–17; 2:10–17; 10:33–34; 13:11; 16:6; 23:9; 28:1–4; 58:1–12; 66:1–4). 


God’s wrath is to be feared (5:25; 9:12, 17, 19, 21; 10:4–6; 13:9, 13; 30:27; 34:2; 59:18; 63:1–6; 66:15–16, 24) 


God’s judgment will ultimately end with a joyful triumph of his grace (1:9; 6:1–12:6; 35:1–10; 40:1–2; 49:13–16; 51:3; 54:7–8; 55:12–13) 


God’s servant is the only hope for the world. He is the promised Davidic king (4:2; 7:14; 9:2–7; 11:1–10), the servant of the Lord (42:1–9; 49:1–13; 50:4–9; 52:13–53:12), the anointed preacher of the gospel (61:1–3), and the lone conqueror over all evil (63:1–6). 


God's faithfulness ought to motivate God’s people toward faith and obedience (56:1–2; 62:1– 64:12). 


The complexity of this book has being a hard nut to crack but with the spirit of understand with which our God has gifted unto us, we are able to make complete meaning out of this book. Divinely, as much as God want us to know and understand all the mysteries in this Book, He has equally hidden them and is ever ready to guide they that diligently seek these mysteries. is here to help you by making the Bible available unto you. You can read the book of Isaiah at for free Online. At, the Book of Isaiah is presented to you in various formats online for easy understanding and for advancing our walk of faith which includes;

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Reading the book of Isaiah comes with a lot of blessings that one cannot number. For instance, the book by itself in nature is a prophecy which talks about yesterday, today and tomorrow. This is to say, the book of Isaiah reveals who you were yesterday without Christ, who you are today in Christ and where you will be tomorrow in Christ. The book is also one of the fewer books to have being quoted countless times in the gospel and the letters of Paul. This is to say that, before the conception and birth of the Messiah, Prophet Isaiah spoke of Messiah and His Form of government. . In order to understand Isaiah, we must understand that all his predictions revolve around Christ’s two comings. Christ came the first time as the suffering, rejected Messiah to die for the sins of the people (Isaiah 53). At His second coming to earth, when Christ will set up His kingdom, Israel will be regathered to Palestine from its worldwide dispersion and will see fulfillment of the promised messianic kingdom. 

This book also has a message of Hope and restoration which are very applicable in our present lives. The Israelites did the worse before God and God’s glory left them and they went into captivity but God being a Loving Father promised them deliverance and restoration. Beloved, it is not also late for you. As you begin to read this book of Isaiah, God’s Spirit will touch you and make a way out of a rock for you.