Leviticus is the third book of the Bible. This book is part of the first five books of the Bible of the Old Testament called the Pentateuch or the Torah. Even though it has not yet being fully understood and proven, Scholars are of the view that, its name originated from the Priestly tribe of the Israelites (THE LEVITES), hence the name Leviticus. The book of Leviticus is presumed to have being written by Moses to the Israelites on the plains of Moab as they were preparing to enter the Promised Land (around 1410 B.C. or 1255 B.C., depending on the exact date of the exodus from Egypt).

Leviticus is a manual of regulations enabling the holy King to set up his earthly throne among the people of his kingdom. This book reveals in detail the Holiness of God and God’s intentions of consecrating a Holy nation for Himself. The book is therefore accepted by many scholars as a book of understanding God’s nature of Holiness and the need for all creatures to give God the worship due His name.


In understanding the Book of Leviticus, we must set some outlines as guide to studying the book of Leviticus. Even though this book is centered on the festivals and worship, there are other core valves that should be look at. Below is the outline of the book of Leviticus.


  • Regulations of sacrifice (1-7)
  • Regulations of Priests (8-10)
  • Regulations of Uncleanness and its treatment (11-16)
  • Day of Atonement (16)
  • Prescriptions for practical holiness (17-27)
  • Regulations of Holy Living (17-25)
  • Blessings and Curses (26)
  • Regulations of Vows (27)


The book of Leviticus is a fascinating retelling of the desired religious life for ancient Israel. Various rituals and practices are performed that symbolize and address a variety of practical and significant aspects of people’s life before God. Every aspect of this religious program was designed to reveal different aspects of God’s character as well as bring healing and blessing to those who have faith. While many of the customs appear unusual at first glance, Leviticus offers contemporary readers an alluring invitation to the cleansing, hopeful, personal, and social restoration, and intimate life with God that only the Creator could provide.

Leviticus is the part of God’s story where the Israelites are given instructions on how to be holy, on how to be truly acceptable to God and in right relationships with one another—which they could not achieve without God’s gracious provision.


  1. Festivals and laws of Worship-- This includes the seven festivals of the LORD.
  2. Holiness – The various laws have to do with holiness before God and with love of neighbor.
  3. Repentance – The acknowledgment and turning away from sin.
  4. Forgiveness – The satisfaction and removal of sin.
  5. Restoration – The recovering of a meaningful relationship with God and others.
  6. Doubt and Assurance – Obedience flows from confidence in God’s promises.


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The book of Leviticus is like that set of blueprints. Leviticus contains the Old Testament laws about sacrifices, purity, and atonement. Those laws comprise the detailed pattern—the “blueprints”—which Jesus had in his heart to fulfill on the cross. So anyone who loves the cross and wants to know what was on Jesus’s heart as he gave himself to die, ought to relish unfurling the scroll of Leviticus and poring over its contents. In the blueprints of atonement preserved in its lines, there are rich insights into the work of atonement accomplished by Jesus. This is to say that, in the book of Leviticus is embedded the secrets of salvation. Do you Love the salvation of our lord Jesus? Then identify the salvation plan of God in Leviticus and compare it to its fulfilment in the New Testament.