The book of Numbers is the fourth book of the Hebrew Bible and the fourth of the Jewish Torah. Numbers begins at Mount Sinai, where the Israelites have received their laws and covenant from God and God has taken up residence among them in the sanctuary. The task before them is to take possession of the Promised Land. The book of Numbers is presumed to have being written by Moses to the 2nd generation of Israelites on the plains of Moab as they were preparing to enter the Promised Land (around 1410 B.C. or 1255 B.C., depending on the exact date of the exodus from Egypt).

The book was written Purposely to inspire the present generation of God’s people to avoid the failures of the past and trust Him for their victory and needs. To call the second generation of Israel to arms as the holy army of God. The book gives accounts of series of events right from Mount Sinai including the people’s betrayal and God’s faithfulness.


For the purpose of order in the study of the word of God, many scholars and compliers of the Bible have derive some outline for the study of the book of numbers. Below is one of the outlines of guide to studying the word of God.


  • The Magnificent Collection of the First Generation: The people of God prepare to enter the promised land (1-10)
  • The Tragic Failure of the First Generation (10-25)
  • From Sinai to Kadesh (10-12)
  • Forty years near Kadesh (13-19)
  • rebellion of the spies (13-14)
  • From Kadesh to the plains of Moab (20-22)
  • The Magnificent Collection of the Second Generation
  • Israel in the plains of Moab (22-36)
  • Balaam and Balak (22-24)


The book of Numbers picks up where the book of Exodus left off, with their departure from Sinai to their arrival at the edge of the Promised Land—namely the plains of Moab. The first ten chapters portray the collection of the fighting men of Israel. This group, exceeding numbers of 600,000, speaks loudly of the faithfulness of God as He protected and built a people once facing slavery and extinction. However, the story takes a dismal turn as this 1st generation of Israelites, who experienced such blessing from God, failed miserably in their rebellion.

Nevertheless, the tragedy turns into hope as the 2nd generation is assembled and prepares to conquer the Promised Land. The book of Numbers provides an insightful description of how humans tend to fail spiritually. Conversely, it is a tremendous book of hope and calls every generation of God’s people to embrace a new beginning and trust God.

The significant part of Israel’s story that is recorded in Numbers was retold throughout the rest of the Old Testament (Deut. 1-4; Neh. 9; Psalm 78, 105, 106, 135). This stresses the importance of God’s faithfulness to his people despite their repeated failures.

Themes of the book of numbers:

  • God’s covenant loyalty toward Israel.
  • Israel’s repeated failure to keep covenant with God.
  • The continuation and preservation of God’s people.
  • The spiritual failures often experienced by God’s people.
  • Despite failures, hope and a new beginning is possible.
  • God turns all things for good for his people, including the curses of their enemies.


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Numbers is about people who were rebellious and discouraged and who refused to believe that the Lord would take care of them. But the book also shows how the Lord protected them in war and gave them food and water in the barren desert. The Lord wanted the Israelites to realize that he did not want them to be destroyed; he wanted to bless them, just as Aaron prayed:

“I pray that the LORD will bless and protect you,
and that he will show you mercy and kindness.
May the LORD be good to you and give you peace. (6.24-26)”

However, the rebellious nature of the children of Israel is seen in us every day. In one way or the other, we turn ourselves away from our maker yet He comes seeking us with Love.

The Book of Numbers gives us a big vision: Where is God taking us? What will it take to get there? What inward qualities must God develop in us and demand in us along the way? This vision in question is greater than just a journey of the children of Israel, rather, it is a vision of Salvation.