The book of Exodus is the second book of the Bible and the Old Testament. It describes the Israelites' deliverance from the land of slavery through the hand of Yahweh, the leadership of Moses, the revelations at the biblical Mount Sinai, and the subsequent "divine indwelling" of God with Israel.

The book of Exodus is believed to have being written by Moses to the Israelites on the plains of Moab as they were preparing to enter the Promised Land (around 1410 BC or 1255 B.C., depending on the exact date of the exodus from Egypt). Even though it is believed to have being written on the plains of Moab, It is a detailed document and a continuation of the book of Genesis. To fully comprehend and make a meaning out of the book of Exodus, Many scholars have divided the book into two major parts which contains Subjects worthy of Study. The division is as follows;

The deliverance and Care of God on the People of Israel from the land of Egypt and all the signs and wonders with which God mightily manifested himself. The first part also reveals God’s care for the Children of Israel from Egypt till they journey to Sinai ( Exodus chapter 1-19)

The second tells of the covenant ( Mosaic Covenant) between them (Exodus chapter 20–40).


The two major division of the Book of Exodus forms the following outlines of the book of Exodus.

  • Deliverance Under Moses (1-18)
  • Israel in Egypt (1-11)
  • plagues (5-11)
  • Exodus to Sinai (12-18)
  • Law under Moses: Covenant and law (19-24)
  • covenant with Moses
  • 10 commandments (20)
  • Worship under Moses: Rebellion and renewal (25-40)
  • golden calf and Moses’ intercession (32-33)
  • Consecration of the Tent of Meeting (40)


The book of Exodus reads like a great epic with the hero, Moses, continually at the center of events. Moses is born in the midst of toil and oppression. However his miraculous birth anticipates a life that will prove to be a tremendous blessing to Israel. Moses is eventually called by God to liberate the Israelites from the oppressive hand of imperial Egypt. This "exodus" is marked by a dramatic confrontation with Pharaoh and multiple examples of the power of God. Upon the acquisition of freedom, Israel embarks on a journey to Sinai where God gives Moses the 10 Commandments and the Book of the Covenant. This great encounter transitions into a prolonged discussion on worship, the construction of the tabernacle, and the organization of priests and religious life.

Exodus plays an important role in the biblical story since it tells the basic story of God’s saving his people from bondage. This exodus is a major foreshadowing of the promised “second exodus” in Isaiah 40-66 and thus for Jesus’ own departure (Luke 9:30).

Themes of the Book of EXODUS:

  1. Suffering – The blessing of God when it hurts.
  2. Loyalty – God is loyal to us, which causes us to be dedicated to God.
  3. Deliverance – God’s desire to save people and rescue them from despair.
  4. Divine Presence – The tabernacle is the place of God’s presence and Israel’s worship.
  5. Transcendence – A glimpse at the powerful, eternal, holy character of God.
  6. Law – The revelation of God’s just and loving principles that should direct our lives.
  7. Judgment – God is holy and his judgment of his people is righteous yet tempered with mercy.
  8. Worship – The significance of worship and the benefits to the participants.


The deepest desire to know God start with a step of faithfulness in studying the word of God. The greatest secret to success in life is when you know where you are going and when to begin the journey. The Book of Exodus is a Journey that has not being fully understood in the mortal world. As much as it was traveled by mortal men, it was predestined by a Spiritual being making this Book full of mysteries yet to be understood. The word Exodus means EXIT or MOVING AWAY FROM.

Many all over the world have made attempts to study God’s Word a time and time and time but without faithfulness, they failed and left their desire unfulfilled. The Bible is translated into different versions from the original manuscript. Reading the book of Exodus has also being a blessing to many as their knowledge of the Word is advanced. present to you the Bible in King James version (KJV) for the book of Exodus in various formats for advancing our walk of faith which includes;

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  • Book of Exodus king James version in English translation
  • Illustrated ( Comics )book of Exodus
  • Book of Exodus with images.

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Billions all over the world sees the book Exodus as a historical book but forgets the Spirituality that is embedded in the Book. It is one thing to the read a story and it is another thing to actually see the core values of your existence in a story. It may be hard but the Book of exodus carriers very important values to understanding the New Testament. One maybe asking why He/she should study the Book of exodus, Well, The scriptures says we should study to show ourselves approved. A detailed study of the Book of Exodus roots and grounds one in the very principles of our faith because it is the basis for understanding key figures of our faith. Below are some of the core teachings of the book of Exodus.

  • The Redemption of the children of Israel
  • The Covenant
  • God’s presence
  • The Law